Whatever your race, skin colour, or gender, our state-of-the-art laser growth therapy is proven to be a very effective way to stimulate hair regrowth and thickening.

The clinical laser uses pulsed wave LLLT which safely stimulates the hair follicles just a few millimetres below the scalp; the result is the delivery of more nutrients and stabilising any hair loss.  If you have been suffering from hair loss, typically during the last 1 to 6 years we can help. Whatever your race, skin colour, or gender, the laser regrowth therapy is very effective in stimulating hair regrowth and thickening therefore stopping further loss of your hair. The clinical laser stimulates hair follicles just a few mm below the scalp. Blood flow to the follicle is increased delivering more nutrients and stabilising hair loss.
Results vary from person to person but for most clients, typically 85-90% of people using this system will experience positive hair restoration; improvement in general hair thickening, condition and often new growth from the dormant cells. With our hair regrowth laser and  our clinically approved topical and oral treatments we can help you to achieve thicker, fuller hair, your hair loss may become a thing of the past.


Typically our success rate is 85-90%, where there is a reported positive hair restoration. Clients benefit from an improvement in the quality of previously fine strands, general hair thickening and new growth from dormant cells. 

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LLLT is an abbreviation of the term Low Level Laser Therapy. This is not only being used for hair regrowth it is also being used in medicine for a variety of reasons, including as a cancer therapy, using it in combination with a photsensitiser.

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Many of our clients with early indications of alopecia, typically within the first 6 years, are suitable for our treatment programme - both men and women.

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