Our hair is part of the way the world sees us and forms part of our image - alopecia can be very distressing for sufferers who can become self-conscious and experience a drop in self-esteem as a result of their hair loss.

Alopecia is a condition where large patches of head hair and sometimes even total body hair can be lost. The unpredictable nature of alopecia can make the problem very difficult to live with and control.

Male pattern baldness tends to occur over a longer period of time and hair loss develops much more progressively. Even so, loss of male hair can still be extremely distressing for the sufferer and again, damage their self-esteem. 

Laser Hair Regrowth Clinic specialises in this field with expert LLLT laser therapy - we also offer a range of aftercare and topical treatments to keep alopecia under control, providing the best treatment for hair loss in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.


Typically our success rate is 85-90%, where there is a reported positive hair restoration. Clients benefit from an improvement in the quality of previously fine strands, general hair thickening and new growth from dormant cells. 

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LLLT is an abbreviation of the term Low Level Laser Therapy. This is not only being used for hair regrowth it is also being used in medicine for a variety of reasons, including as a cancer therapy, using it in combination with a photsensitiser.

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Many of our clients with early indications of alopecia, typically within the first 6 years, are suitable for our treatment programme - both men and women.

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